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"The Top 23 Questions You MUST Ask BEFORE
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  1. How To Avoid Buying a Lemon
    Discover the one thing you can do that will drastically decrease the chances of you buying a lemon.
  2. A Special Kind of Picture You Should Ask For That Could Save You Thousands
    They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but the right kind of picture is worth thousands of dollars when purchasing a pre-owned biofeedback device.
  3. The One Thing the Seller Should Agree To Or You Should WALK AWAY
    In negotiations, there is alway some give and take. However, some are deal breakers, and this is one of them!
In addition to the crucial topics listed above, this buyer's guide covers all of the bases that you should cover when shopping for a pre-owned biofeedback device.

If you don't ask the seller these questions, you could be in for some major headaches that could cost you a substantial amount of money, time, and frustration.

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